January 11th All Events

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January 11th, 2008 (January 11 2008)DeathCarl Karcher, founded the Carl s Jr. hamburger chain (born in 1917)
January 11th, 2008 (January 11 2008)DeathSir Edmund Hillary, New Zealand mountaineer, the 1st person to climb Mt Everest in 1953 (born in 1919)Edmund Hillary Quotes
January 11th, 2007 (January 11 2007)DeathPuchi Balseiro, Puerto Rican singer & songwriter (born in 1926)
January 11th, 2007 (January 11 2007)DeathRobert Anton Wilson, American author (born in 1932)Robert Anton Wilson Quotes
January 11th, 2007 (January 11 2007)DeathSolveig Dommartin, French-German actress (born in 1961)
January 11th, 2006 (January 11 2006)DeathMarkus Loffel (Mark Spoon), German DJ (born in 1966)
January 11th, 2006 (January 11 2006)DeathNixzmary Brown, American child abuse victim (born in 1998)
January 11th, 2005 (January 11 2005)DeathMiriam Hyde, Australian composer (born in 1913)
January 11th, 2005 (January 11 2005)DeathSpencer Dryden, American drummer (Jefferson Airplane) (born in 1938)
January 11th, 2005 (January 11 2005)DeathJames Griffin, American musician (Bread) (born in 1943)
January 11th, 2005 (January 11 2005)DeathFabrizio Meoni, Italian motorcyclist (born in 1957)
January 11th, 2003 (January 11 2003)DeathRichard Simmons, American actor (born in 1913)
January 11th, 2003 (January 11 2003)DeathMaurice Pialat, French actor and director (born in 1925)
January 11th, 2003 (January 11 2003)DeathMickey Finn, English drummer (T. Rex) (born in 1947)
January 11th, 2002 (January 11 2002)DeathHenri Verneuil, French playwright and film director (born in 1920)
January 11th, 2002 (January 11 2002)DeathStruan Sutherland, Australian medical researcher (born in 1936)
January 11th, 2001 (January 11 2001)DeathSir Denys Lasdun, English architect (born in 1914)
January 11th, 2001 (January 11 2001)DeathMichael Williams, British actor, husband of Judi Dench (born in 1935)
January 11th, 2000 (January 11 2000)DeathBetty Archdale, Anglo-Australian educationalist and cricketer (born in 1907)
January 11th, 2000 (January 11 2000)DeathIvan Combe, American inventor (born in 1911)
January 11th, 2000 (January 11 2000)DeathBob Lemon, American baseball player (born in 1920)
January 11th, 1999 (January 11 1999)DeathNaomi Mitchison, Scottish novelist and poet (born in 1897)
January 11th, 1999 (January 11 1999)DeathBrian Moore, Irish-born writer (born in 1921)
January 11th, 1999 (January 11 1999)DeathFabrizio de Andre, Italian singer (born in 1940)
January 11th, 1998 (January 11 1998)EventSidi-Hamed massacre takes place in Algeria, over 100 people are killed.
January 11th, 1998 (January 11 1998)DeathKlaus Tennstedt, German conductor (born in 1926)
January 11th, 1996 (January 11 1996)EventHaiti becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
January 11th, 1995 (January 11 1995)DeathJosef Gingold, Russian-American violinist (born in 1909)
January 11th, 1994 (January 11 1994)EventThe Irish Government announces the end of a 15-year broadcasting ban on the IRA and its political arm Sinn Fein.
January 11th, 1994 (January 11 1994)DeathHelmut Poppendick, Nazi physician (born in 1902)
January 11th, 1993 (January 11 1993)BirthFlora Cross, American actress
January 11th, 1991 (January 11 1991)DeathCarl David Anderson, American physicist, Nobel laureate (born in 1905)
January 11th, 1990 (January 11 1990)Event300,000 march in favor of Lithuanian independence.
January 11th, 1988 (January 11 1988)DeathFlorence Knapp, American, one-time oldest person in the world (born in 1873)
January 11th, 1988 (January 11 1988)DeathGregory "Pappy" Boyington, American WW II Marine aviator (born in 1912)
January 11th, 1987 (January 11 1987)BirthScotty Cranmer, American professional BMX rider
January 11th, 1987 (January 11 1987)DeathAlbert Ferber, Swiss-English pianist (born in 1911)
January 11th, 1986 (January 11 1986)EventThe Gateway Bridge, Brisbane in Queensland, Australia is officially opened.
January 11th, 1986 (January 11 1986)DeathSid Chaplin, UK novelist (born in 1916)
January 11th, 1985 (January 11 1985)BirthRie fu, Japanese singer
January 11th, 1985 (January 11 1985)BirthKazuki Nakajima, Japanese racing driver
January 11th, 1985 (January 11 1985)DeathSir William McKell, Premier of New South Wales, Governor-General of Australia (born in 1891)
January 11th, 1983 (January 11 1983)BirthMatthew Palleschi, Canadian soccer player
January 11th, 1983 (January 11 1983)BirthAdrian Sutil, German racing driver
January 11th, 1983 (January 11 1983)DeathShri Ghanshyam Das Birla, Indian industrialist and educator (born in 1894)
January 11th, 1982 (January 11 1982)BirthAshley Taylor Dawson, British actor and singer
January 11th, 1982 (January 11 1982)BirthSon Ye-jin, South Korean actress
January 11th, 1981 (January 11 1981)BirthJamelia, English singer
January 11th, 1981 (January 11 1981)BirthTom Meighan, British singer (Kasabian)
January 11th, 1981 (January 11 1981)DeathBeulah Bondi, American actress (born in 1888)
January 11th, 1980 (January 11 1980)BirthMike Williams, American football player
January 11th, 1980 (January 11 1980)BirthDeanna Wright, American actress
January 11th, 1980 (January 11 1980)DeathBarbara Pym, English novelist (born in 1913)
January 11th, 1979 (January 11 1979)BirthDarren Lynn Bousman, American film director
January 11th, 1979 (January 11 1979)BirthSiti Nurhaliza, Malaysian singer
January 11th, 1979 (January 11 1979)DeathJack Soo, American actor (born in 1917)
January 11th, 1978 (January 11 1978)BirthMichael Duff, Northern Irish footballer
January 11th, 1978 (January 11 1978)BirthEmile Heskey, English footballer
January 11th, 1978 (January 11 1978)BirthHolly Brisley, Australian actress
January 11th, 1978 (January 11 1978)DeathIbn-e-Insha, Pakistani humorist and Urdu poet (born in 1927)
January 11th, 1977 (January 11 1977)BirthShomari Buchanan, American football player
January 11th, 1977 (January 11 1977)BirthNadia Turner, American singer
January 11th, 1976 (January 11 1976)BirthEfthimios Rentzias, Greek basketball player
January 11th, 1975 (January 11 1975)BirthRory Fitzpatrick, American ice hockey player
January 11th, 1975 (January 11 1975)DeathMax Lorenz, German heldentenor famous for Wagner roles (born in 1901)
January 11th, 1974 (January 11 1974)BirthCody McKay, Canadian baseball player
January 11th, 1974 (January 11 1974)BirthJens Nowotny, German footballer
January 11th, 1973 (January 11 1973)BirthJoanna Brodzik, Polish actress
January 11th, 1973 (January 11 1973)BirthRahul Dravid, Indian cricketer
January 11th, 1973 (January 11 1973)BirthRockmond Dunbar, American actor
January 11th, 1972 (January 11 1972)EventEast Pakistan renames itself Bangladesh.
January 11th, 1972 (January 11 1972)BirthMarc Blucas, American actor
January 11th, 1972 (January 11 1972)BirthAmanda Peet, American actress
January 11th, 1972 (January 11 1972)DeathPadraic Colum, Irish poet, novelist, dramatist, biographer and collector of folklore (born in 1881)
January 11th, 1971 (January 11 1971)BirthMary J. Blige, American singer
January 11th, 1970 (January 11 1970)BirthChris Jent, American basketball player and coach
January 11th, 1970 (January 11 1970)BirthMalcolm D. Lee, American actor, film director, and screenwriter.
January 11th, 1969 (January 11 1969)BirthManny Acta, Dominican baseball player
January 11th, 1969 (January 11 1969)BirthKyle Richards, American actress
January 11th, 1969 (January 11 1969)DeathRichmal Crompton, British author (born in 1890)
January 11th, 1968 (January 11 1968)BirthAnders Borg, Swedish politician
January 11th, 1968 (January 11 1968)BirthTom Dumont, American musician
January 11th, 1968 (January 11 1968)DeathIsidor Isaac Rabi, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1898)Isidor Isaac Rabi Quotes
January 11th, 1967 (January 11 1967)BirthDerek Riddell, Scottish actor
January 11th, 1966 (January 11 1966)BirthMarc Acito, American novelist and humorist
January 11th, 1966 (January 11 1966)BirthKelley Law, Canadian curler
January 11th, 1966 (January 11 1966)DeathHannes Kolehmainen, Finnish runner (born in 1889)
January 11th, 1966 (January 11 1966)DeathAlberto Giacometti, Swiss sculptor (born in 1901)Alberto Giacometti Quotes
January 11th, 1966 (January 11 1966)DeathLal Bahadur Shastri, third Prime Minister of independent India (born in 1904)
January 11th, 1965 (January 11 1965)BirthRoland Scholten, Dutch Darts Player
January 11th, 1964 (January 11 1964)EventUnited States Surgeon General Dr. Luther Leonidas Terry, M.D., publishes a report saying that smoking may be hazardous to health. It is the first such statement ever made by the U.S. government.
January 11th, 1963 (January 11 1963)BirthTracy Caulkins, U.S. Olympic swimmer
January 11th, 1963 (January 11 1963)BirthDean Reynolds, English snooker player
January 11th, 1962 (January 11 1962)EventAn avalanche on Huascaran in Peru causes 4,000 deaths.
January 11th, 1962 (January 11 1962)BirthSusan Lindauer, American peace activist and accused spy
January 11th, 1961 (January 11 1961)BirthJasper Fforde, British author
January 11th, 1961 (January 11 1961)BirthKarl Habsburg-Lothringen, Prince of Austria and Prince Royal of Hungary
January 11th, 1961 (January 11 1961)DeathElena Gerhardt, German mezzo-soprano singer (born in 1883)
January 11th, 1959 (January 11 1959)BirthRob Ramage, Canadian ice hockey player
January 11th, 1958 (January 11 1958)BirthVicki Peterson, American musician (The Bangles)
January 11th, 1958 (January 11 1958)BirthDiego Leon Montoya Sanchez, former Columbian crime boss
January 11th, 1958 (January 11 1958)DeathAlec Rowley, English composer (born in 1892)
January 11th, 1958 (January 11 1958)DeathEdna Purviance, American actress (born in 1895)
January 11th, 1957 (January 11 1957)EventThe African Convention is founded in Dakar.
January 11th, 1957 (January 11 1957)EventMass-murderer Jack Gilbert Graham is executed via the Gas Chamber.
January 11th, 1957 (January 11 1957)BirthBryan Robson, English footballer and manager
January 11th, 1957 (January 11 1957)DeathSir Robert Garran, Australian lawyer and early leading expert in Australian constitutional law (born in 1867)
January 11th, 1956 (January 11 1956)BirthRobert Earl Keen, American singer
January 11th, 1954 (January 11 1954)DeathOscar Straus, Austrian composer (born in 1870)
January 11th, 1953 (January 11 1953)BirthJohn Sessions, Scottish actorJohn Scott Quotes
January 11th, 1952 (January 11 1952)BirthBille Brown, Australian actor and playwright
January 11th, 1952 (January 11 1952)BirthBen Crenshaw, American golfer
January 11th, 1952 (January 11 1952)BirthMichael Forshaw, Australian politician
January 11th, 1952 (January 11 1952)BirthLee Ritenour, American musician and composer
January 11th, 1952 (January 11 1952)DeathJean de Lattre de Tassigny, French general, posthumous Marshal of France (born in 1889)
January 11th, 1952 (January 11 1952)DeathAureliano Pertile, Italian tenor (born in 1885)
January 11th, 1951 (January 11 1951)BirthWillie Maddren, English former footballer (died in 2000)
January 11th, 1949 (January 11 1949)EventFirst recorded case of snowfall in Los Angeles, California.
January 11th, 1949 (January 11 1949)BirthDaryl Braithwaite, Australian rock singer
January 11th, 1947 (January 11 1947)DeathEva Tanguay, Canadian-born singer and entertainer (born in 1879)
January 11th, 1946 (January 11 1946)EventEnver Hoxha declares the People s Republic of Albania with himself as dictator.
January 11th, 1946 (January 11 1946)BirthNaomi Judd, American singer
January 11th, 1946 (January 11 1946)BirthTony Kaye, British keyboard player (Yes)
January 11th, 1946 (January 11 1946)BirthJohn Piper, American theologian
January 11th, 1945 (January 11 1945)BirthChristine Kaufmann, German-Austrian actress
January 11th, 1945 (January 11 1945)BirthSamdech Preah Sanghareach Bour Kry, Supreme Patriarch of the Cambodian Dhammayutt Order
January 11th, 1944 (January 11 1944)BirthMohammed Abed Elhai, Sudanese writer and academic (died in 1989)
January 11th, 1944 (January 11 1944)BirthShibu Soren, Indian politician
January 11th, 1944 (January 11 1944)DeathCount Galeazzo Ciano, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Benito Mussolini s son-in-law (born in 1903)Benito Mussolini Quotes
January 11th, 1943 (January 11 1943)EventThe United States and United Kingdom give up territorial rights in China.
January 11th, 1943 (January 11 1943)BirthJim Hightower, American radio host and authorJim Hightower Quotes
January 11th, 1942 (January 11 1942)EventJapan declares war on the Netherlands and invades the Netherlands East Indies.
January 11th, 1942 (January 11 1942)EventThe Japanese capture Kuala Lumpur.
January 11th, 1942 (January 11 1942)BirthClarence Clemons, American musician (E Street Band)
January 11th, 1941 (January 11 1941)BirthGerson, Brazilian footballer
January 11th, 1941 (January 11 1941)DeathEmanuel Lasker, German chess player (born in 1868)
January 11th, 1939 (January 11 1939)BirthAnne Heggtveit, Canadian alpine skier
January 11th, 1938 (January 11 1938)BirthFischer Black, American economist (died in 1995)
January 11th, 1938 (January 11 1938)BirthArthur Scargill, Socialist Labour Party (UK) leader
January 11th, 1935 (January 11 1935)EventAmelia Earhart is the first woman to fly solo from Hawaii to California.
January 11th, 1935 (January 11 1935)BirthGhita Norby, Danish actress
January 11th, 1934 (January 11 1934)BirthJean Chretien, 20th Prime Minister of Canada
January 11th, 1934 (January 11 1934)BirthSir Charles Antony Richard Hoare, Computer scientist
January 11th, 1932 (January 11 1932)BirthAlfonso Arau, Mexican film director
January 11th, 1931 (January 11 1931)BirthBetty Churcher, director of the National Gallery of Australia
January 11th, 1931 (January 11 1931)DeathJames Milton Carroll, American Baptist pastor, leader, historian, and author (born in 1852)
January 11th, 1930 (January 11 1930)BirthRon Mulock, Australian politician
January 11th, 1930 (January 11 1930)BirthRod Taylor, Australian actor
January 11th, 1928 (January 11 1928)BirthDavid L. Wolper, American television producer
January 11th, 1928 (January 11 1928)DeathThomas Hardy, English writer (born in 1840)Thomas Hardy Quotes
January 11th, 1926 (January 11 1926)BirthLev Demin, Soviet cosmonaut (died in 1998)
January 11th, 1925 (January 11 1925)BirthGrant Tinker, American television executive
January 11th, 1924 (January 11 1924)BirthSlim Harpo, American musician (died in 1970)
January 11th, 1924 (January 11 1924)BirthSam B. Hall, American politician (died in 1994)
January 11th, 1924 (January 11 1924)BirthDon Cherry, American singer and golfer
January 11th, 1924 (January 11 1924)BirthRoger Guillemin, French neuroendocrinologist, Nobel laureate
January 11th, 1923 (January 11 1923)EventTroops from France and Belgium occupy the Ruhr area to force Germany to make its reparation payments.
January 11th, 1923 (January 11 1923)BirthCarroll Shelby, American race car driver, automobile designer and businessmanTom Carroll Quotes
January 11th, 1923 (January 11 1923)DeathKing Constantine I of Greece (born in 1868)
January 11th, 1922 (January 11 1922)EventFirst use of insulin to treat diabetes in a human patient.
January 11th, 1921 (January 11 1921)BirthGory Guerrero, professional wrestler (died in 1990)
January 11th, 1921 (January 11 1921)BirthJuanita M. Kreps, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce
January 11th, 1919 (January 11 1919)EventRomania annexes Transylvania.
January 11th, 1917 (January 11 1917)EventThe Kingsland munitions factory explosion occurs as a result of sabotage.
January 11th, 1917 (January 11 1917)BirthJohn Robarts, Canadian politician, Premier of Ontario (died in 1982)
January 11th, 1916 (January 11 1916)BirthBernard Blier, French actor (died in 1989)
January 11th, 1915 (January 11 1915)BirthRobert Blair Mayne, British soldier, co-founder Special Air Service (died in 1955)Robert Blair Quotes
January 11th, 1914 (January 11 1914)DeathCarl Jacobsen, Danish brewer and patron of the arts after whom the Carlsberg brewery was named (born in 1842)
January 11th, 1912 (January 11 1912)EventThe Lawrence textile strike begins in Lawrence, Massachusetts.
January 11th, 1911 (January 11 1911)BirthNora Heysen, Australian artist (died in 2003)
January 11th, 1911 (January 11 1911)BirthZenko Suzuki, Prime Minister of Japan (died in 2004)
January 11th, 1910 (January 11 1910)BirthSir Shane Paltridge, Australian politician (died in 1966)
January 11th, 1910 (January 11 1910)BirthNikos Kavvadias, Greek poet and writer (died in 1975)
January 11th, 1910 (January 11 1910)BirthIzler Solomon, American conductor (died in 1987) Solomon Quotes
January 11th, 1908 (January 11 1908)EventGrand Canyon National Monument is created.
January 11th, 1908 (January 11 1908)BirthLionel Stander, American actor (died in 1994)
January 11th, 1907 (January 11 1907)BirthPierre Mendes-France, French politician (died in 1982)
January 11th, 1906 (January 11 1906)BirthAlbert Hofmann, Swiss chemist (died in 2008)
January 11th, 1905 (January 11 1905)BirthClyde Kluckhohn, American anthropologist (died in 1960)
January 11th, 1905 (January 11 1905)BirthManfred B Lee, U.S. writer, co-eponym of Ellery Queen (died in 1971)
January 11th, 1905 (January 11 1905)DeathYehudah Aryeh Leib Alter, Hasidic rabbi (born in 1847)
January 11th, 1903 (January 11 1903)BirthAlan Paton, South African writer (died in 1988)
January 11th, 1902 (January 11 1902)BirthMaurice Durufle, French composer (died in 1986)
January 11th, 1902 (January 11 1902)DeathJohnny Briggs, English cricketer (born in 1862)
January 11th, 1901 (January 11 1901)BirthKwon Ki-ok, Korean pilot (died in 1988)
January 11th, 1901 (January 11 1901)DeathVasily Kalinnikov, Russian composer (born in 1866)
January 11th, 1899 (January 11 1899)BirthEva Le Gallienne, English-American actress (died in 1991)
January 11th, 1897 (January 11 1897)BirthAugust Heissmeyer, German SS officer (died in 1979)
January 11th, 1895 (January 11 1895)BirthLaurens Hammond, American inventor of the Hammond organ (died in 1973)
January 11th, 1891 (January 11 1891)DeathBaron Georges Haussmann, French civic planner whose name is associated with the rebuilding of Paris (born in 1809)
January 11th, 1890 (January 11 1890)BirthOswald de Andrade, Brazilian author (died in 1954)
January 11th, 1890 (January 11 1890)BirthMax Carey, American baseball player (died in 1976)
January 11th, 1889 (January 11 1889)BirthCalvin Bridges, American geneticist (died in 1938)
January 11th, 1888 (January 11 1888)BirthChester Conklin, American comedian and actor (died in 1971)
January 11th, 1887 (January 11 1887)BirthAldo Leopold, American ecologist (died in 1948)
January 11th, 1885 (January 11 1885)BirthJack Hoxie, American actor, rodeo performer (died in 1965)
January 11th, 1885 (January 11 1885)BirthAlice Paul, American women s rights activist (died in 1977)
January 11th, 1882 (January 11 1882)DeathTheodor Schwann, German physiologist (born in 1810)
January 11th, 1879 (January 11 1879)EventThe Anglo-Zulu War begins.
January 11th, 1876 (January 11 1876)BirthElmer Flick, American baseball player (died in 1971)
January 11th, 1875 (January 11 1875)BirthReinhold Gliere, Russian composer (died in 1956)
January 11th, 1873 (January 11 1873)BirthJohn Callan O Laughlin, American political and military figure and journalist (died in 1949)
January 11th, 1872 (January 11 1872)BirthGeorge Washington Pierce, American physicist (died in 1956)George Washington Quotes
January 11th, 1870 (January 11 1870)BirthAlexander Stirling Calder, American sculptor (died in 1945)
January 11th, 1868 (January 11 1868)BirthCai Yuanpei, Chinese educator (died in 1940)
January 11th, 1867 (January 11 1867)EventBenito Juarez becomes the Mexican president again.Benito Juarez Quotes
January 11th, 1867 (January 11 1867)BirthEdward B. Titchener, British psychologist. (died in 1927)
January 11th, 1867 (January 11 1867)DeathSir Stuart Donaldson, first Premier of the Colony of New South Wales (born in 1812)
January 11th, 1864 (January 11 1864)BirthThomas Dixon, American playwright, lecturer, North Carolina state legislator, lawyer, and author (died in 1946)
January 11th, 1863 (January 11 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Arkansas PostGeneral John McClernand and Admiral David Dixon Porter capture the Arkansas River for the Union.
January 11th, 1861 (January 11 1861)EventAlabama secedes from the United States.
January 11th, 1859 (January 11 1859)BirthLord George Nathaniel Curzon, British statesman, Viceroy of India (died in 1925)
January 11th, 1858 (January 11 1858)BirthHarry Gordon Selfridge, American retailer (died in 1947)
January 11th, 1857 (January 11 1857)BirthFred Archer, English jockey (died in 1886)
January 11th, 1856 (January 11 1856)BirthChristian Sinding, Norwegian composer (died in 1932)
January 11th, 1853 (January 11 1853)BirthGeorgios Jakobides, Greek painter (died in 1926)
January 11th, 1852 (January 11 1852)BirthKonstantin Fehrenbach, Chancellor of Germany (died in 1926)
January 11th, 1850 (January 11 1850)BirthJoseph Charles Arthur, American botanist (died in 1942)
January 11th, 1845 (January 11 1845)BirthAlbert Victor Backlund, Swedish physicist (died in 1912)
January 11th, 1843 (January 11 1843)BirthCharles Yelverton O Connor, Irish-Australian engineer (died in 1902)
January 11th, 1843 (January 11 1843)DeathFrancis Scott Key, American lawyer and writer of the American national anthem (born in 1779)Francis Scott Key Quotes
January 11th, 1842 (January 11 1842)BirthWilliam James, American psychologist and philosopher (died in 1910)William James Quotes
January 11th, 1839 (January 11 1839)BirthEugenio Maria de Hostos, Puerto Rican educator, philosopher and nationalist (died in 1903) Philo Quotes
January 11th, 1836 (January 11 1836)DeathJohn Molson, Canadian brewer (born in 1763)
January 11th, 1825 (January 11 1825)BirthBayard Taylor, U.S. poet and writer (died in 1878Bayard Taylor Quotes
January 11th, 1815 (January 11 1815)BirthJohn A. Macdonald, 1st Prime Minister of Canada (died in 1891)
January 11th, 1814 (January 11 1814)BirthJames Paget, British surgeon and pathologist (died in 1899)
January 11th, 1807 (January 11 1807)BirthEzra Cornell, American businessman and university founder (died in 1874)
January 11th, 1805 (January 11 1805)EventThe Michigan Territory is created.
January 11th, 1801 (January 11 1801)DeathDomenico Cimarosa, Italian composer (born in 1749)
January 11th, 1800 (January 11 1800)BirthAnyos Jedlik, Hungarian physicist (died in 1895)
January 11th, 1794 (January 11 1794)EventRobert Forsythe, a U.S. Marshal is killed in Augusta, Georgia when trying to serve court papers, the first US marshal to die while carrying out his duties.
January 11th, 1791 (January 11 1791)DeathWilliam Williams Pantycelyn, Welsh hymnist (born in 1717)
January 11th, 1788 (January 11 1788)BirthWilliam Thomas Brande, English chemist (died in 1866)
January 11th, 1787 (January 11 1787)EventWilliam Herschel discovers Titania and Oberon, two moons of Uranus.
January 11th, 1779 (January 11 1779)EventChing-Thang Khomba is crowned King of Manipur.
January 11th, 1775 (January 11 1775)DeathPrithvi Narayan Shah, began the unification of modern Nepal (born in 1723)
January 11th, 1771 (January 11 1771)DeathJean-Baptiste de Boyer, Marquis d Argens, French writer (born in 1704)
January 11th, 1763 (January 11 1763)DeathCaspar Abel, German theologian, historian, and poet (born in 1676)
January 11th, 1762 (January 11 1762)DeathLouis-Francois Roubiliac, French sculptor (born in 1695)
January 11th, 1759 (January 11 1759)EventIn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the first American life insurance company is incorporated.
January 11th, 1757 (January 11 1757)BirthSamuel Bentham, English mechanical engineer (died in 1831)
January 11th, 1755 (January 11 1755)BirthAlexander Hamilton, 1st United States Secretary of the Treasury (died in 1804)Alexander Hamilton Quotes
January 11th, 1753 (January 11 1753)DeathSir Hans Sloane, Ulster-Scot physician and collector (born in 1660)
January 11th, 1735 (January 11 1735)DeathDanilo I , Vladika of Montenegro (born in c. 1670)
January 11th, 1723 (January 11 1723)BirthPrithvi Narayan Shah, began the unification of modern Nepal (died in 1774)
January 11th, 1713 (January 11 1713)DeathPierre Jurieu, French Protestant leader (born in 1637)
January 11th, 1703 (January 11 1703)DeathJohann Georg Graevius, German classical scholar and critic (born in 1632)
January 11th, 1696 (January 11 1696)DeathCharles Albanel, French missionary explorer in Canada (born in 1616)
January 11th, 1693 (January 11 1693)EventMt. Etna erupts in Sicily, Italy. A powerful earthquake destroys parts of Sicily and Malta.
January 11th, 1671 (January 11 1671)BirthFrancois-Marie, 1st duc de Broglie, French military leader (died in 1745)
January 11th, 1641 (January 11 1641)DeathJuan Martinez de Jauregui y Aguilar, Spanish poet (born in 1583)
January 11th, 1630 (January 11 1630)BirthJohn Rogers, American President of Harvard in the US (died in 1684)
January 11th, 1591 (January 11 1591)BirthRobert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex, English Civil War general (died in 1646)
January 11th, 1571 (January 11 1571)EventAustrian nobility is granted freedom of religion.
January 11th, 1569 (January 11 1569)EventFirst recorded lottery in England.
January 11th, 1547 (January 11 1547)DeathPietro Bembo, Italian author, literary theorist, and Catholic cardinal (born in 1470)
January 11th, 1503 (January 11 1503)BirthParmigianino, Italian artist (died in 1540)
January 11th, 1495 (January 11 1495)DeathPedro Gonzalez de Mendoza, Spanish cardinal and statesman (born in 1428)
January 11th, 1494 (January 11 1494)DeathDomenico Ghirlandaio, Italian artist (born in 1449)
January 11th, 1395 (January 11 1395)BirthMichelle of Valois, Duchess of Burgundy (died in 1422)
January 11th, 1359 (January 11 1359)BirthEmperor Go-En yu of Japan (died in 1393)
January 11th, 1322 (January 11 1322)BirthEmperor Komyo of Japan (died in 1380)
January 11th, 1158 (January 11 1158)EventVladislav II becomes King of Bohemia.
January 11th, 1083 (January 11 1083)DeathOtto of Nordheim, Duke of Bavaria (c. 1020)
January 11th, 1055 (January 11 1055)EventTheodora is crowned Empress of the Byzantine Empire.
January 11th, 1055 (January 11 1055)DeathConstantine IX Monomachos, Byzantine Emperor (born in 1000)
January 11th, 0889 (January 11 0889)BirthAbd-ar-Rahman III, Emir and Caliph of Cordoba (died in 961)
January 11th, 0844 (January 11 0844)DeathMichael I Rhangabes, Byzantine Emperor
January 11th, 0812 (January 11 0812)DeathStaurakios, Byzantine Emperor
January 11th, 0802 (January 11 0802)DeathSt. Paulinus II of Aquileia
January 11th, 0705 (January 11 0705)DeathPope John VI
January 11th, 0347 (January 11 0347)BirthEmperor Theodosius I "The Great" of Rome (died in 395)
January 11th, 0314 (January 11 0314)DeathSt. Miltiades

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