January 11th Events

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January 11th, 1998 (January 11 1998)EventSidi-Hamed massacre takes place in Algeria, over 100 people are killed.
January 11th, 1996 (January 11 1996)EventHaiti becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
January 11th, 1994 (January 11 1994)EventThe Irish Government announces the end of a 15-year broadcasting ban on the IRA and its political arm Sinn Fein.
January 11th, 1990 (January 11 1990)Event300,000 march in favor of Lithuanian independence.
January 11th, 1986 (January 11 1986)EventThe Gateway Bridge, Brisbane in Queensland, Australia is officially opened.
January 11th, 1972 (January 11 1972)EventEast Pakistan renames itself Bangladesh.
January 11th, 1964 (January 11 1964)EventUnited States Surgeon General Dr. Luther Leonidas Terry, M.D., publishes a report saying that smoking may be hazardous to health. It is the first such statement ever made by the U.S. government.
January 11th, 1962 (January 11 1962)EventAn avalanche on Huascaran in Peru causes 4,000 deaths.
January 11th, 1957 (January 11 1957)EventThe African Convention is founded in Dakar.
January 11th, 1957 (January 11 1957)EventMass-murderer Jack Gilbert Graham is executed via the Gas Chamber.
January 11th, 1949 (January 11 1949)EventFirst recorded case of snowfall in Los Angeles, California.
January 11th, 1946 (January 11 1946)EventEnver Hoxha declares the People s Republic of Albania with himself as dictator.
January 11th, 1943 (January 11 1943)EventThe United States and United Kingdom give up territorial rights in China.
January 11th, 1942 (January 11 1942)EventJapan declares war on the Netherlands and invades the Netherlands East Indies.
January 11th, 1942 (January 11 1942)EventThe Japanese capture Kuala Lumpur.
January 11th, 1935 (January 11 1935)EventAmelia Earhart is the first woman to fly solo from Hawaii to California.
January 11th, 1923 (January 11 1923)EventTroops from France and Belgium occupy the Ruhr area to force Germany to make its reparation payments.
January 11th, 1922 (January 11 1922)EventFirst use of insulin to treat diabetes in a human patient.
January 11th, 1919 (January 11 1919)EventRomania annexes Transylvania.
January 11th, 1917 (January 11 1917)EventThe Kingsland munitions factory explosion occurs as a result of sabotage.
January 11th, 1912 (January 11 1912)EventThe Lawrence textile strike begins in Lawrence, Massachusetts.
January 11th, 1908 (January 11 1908)EventGrand Canyon National Monument is created.
January 11th, 1879 (January 11 1879)EventThe Anglo-Zulu War begins.
January 11th, 1867 (January 11 1867)EventBenito Juarez becomes the Mexican president again.Benito Juarez Quotes
January 11th, 1863 (January 11 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Arkansas PostGeneral John McClernand and Admiral David Dixon Porter capture the Arkansas River for the Union.
January 11th, 1861 (January 11 1861)EventAlabama secedes from the United States.
January 11th, 1805 (January 11 1805)EventThe Michigan Territory is created.
January 11th, 1794 (January 11 1794)EventRobert Forsythe, a U.S. Marshal is killed in Augusta, Georgia when trying to serve court papers, the first US marshal to die while carrying out his duties.
January 11th, 1787 (January 11 1787)EventWilliam Herschel discovers Titania and Oberon, two moons of Uranus.
January 11th, 1779 (January 11 1779)EventChing-Thang Khomba is crowned King of Manipur.
January 11th, 1759 (January 11 1759)EventIn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the first American life insurance company is incorporated.
January 11th, 1693 (January 11 1693)EventMt. Etna erupts in Sicily, Italy. A powerful earthquake destroys parts of Sicily and Malta.
January 11th, 1571 (January 11 1571)EventAustrian nobility is granted freedom of religion.
January 11th, 1569 (January 11 1569)EventFirst recorded lottery in England.
January 11th, 1158 (January 11 1158)EventVladislav II becomes King of Bohemia.
January 11th, 1055 (January 11 1055)EventTheodora is crowned Empress of the Byzantine Empire.

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